Throat and Lung Honey Tonic

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Throat and Lung Honey Tonic

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Our throat and lung formula utilizes raw honey, raw apple cider vinegar, and a combination of organic herbs traditionally used to support the throat and lungs. We have included herbs that are rich in vitamins and minerals, nourish and tone the lungs, soothe spasms from coughing, expectorate mucus, and contain antiseptic and antimicrobial qualities.

The blend of raw honey and raw apple cider vinegar is known as an oxymel, and is a sweet, tart, and designed to support health. Our honey tonics are designed to take by the spoonful throughout the day, or as needed. They are also delicious added to warm water, tea, or sparkling water. Our convenient Herbal Honey Sprays are designed to use on-the-go. Ingredients: Pacific Northwest raw honey, raw apple cider vinegar*, wild cherry bark*, mullein leaf*, stinging nettle leaf*, rose hips*, sage leaf*, Echinacea tops*, bee propolis, lemon essential oil*, less than 1% gluten-free alcohol distilled from cane*. *organic
Made in United States of America