NW Pollen Honey Tonic

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NW Pollen Honey Tonic

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NW Pollen Honey Tonic Our northwest pollen honey tonic is a delicious and unique formula, designed to support seasonal respiratory health! We have included organic stinging nettle leaf, and use bee pollen from the pacific northwest collected from beekeepers all over the Willamette Valley, to ensure a wide range of plant pollens in every bottle. We then ferment the bee pollen mixture in a small amount of honey, following the honeybees’ own recipe for consuming bee pollen. 

Ingredients: Raw pacific northwest wildflower honey, raw apple cider vinegar*, stinging nettle leaf*, fermented pacific northwest bee pollen. *organic The blend of raw honey and raw apple cider vinegar is known as an oxymel, and is a sweet, tart, and designed to support health. Our honey tonics are designed to take by the spoonful throughout the day, or as needed. They are also delicious added to warm water, tea, or sparkling water.
Made in United States of America