Honey Propolis Throat Spray

Honey Propolis Throat Spray

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Tone your throat tissues! People who frequently suffer from sore throats or spend lots of time talking, singing, or otherwise using their vocal chords will enjoy rejuvenating their throat. Smokers can also benefit from a regular spritz.

Ingredients: Pacific Northwest raw honey, organic raw apple cider vinegar, organic sage leaf (Salvia officinalis), organic echinacea tops (Echinacea purpurea), organic rose hips (Rosa canina), bee propolis, less than 1% gluten-free alcohol derived from organic sugar cane The blend of raw honey and raw apple cider vinegar is known as an oxymel, and is a sweet, tart, and designed to support health. Our convenient Herbal Honey Sprays are designed to use on-the-go.
Made in United States of America