Elderberry Honey Tonic

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Elderberry Honey Tonic

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Mickelberry Gardens Elderberry Honey tonic is a blend of raw honey, raw apple cider vinegar, and gentle herbal remedies traditionally used to support healthy immune function. We have included organic black elderberries, organic echinacea tops, and pacific northwest propolis to support and nourish the immune system through cold and flu season. Kids love Mickelberry Gardens Elderberry Honey Tonic! It’s an excellent addition to the family medicine cabinet.

The blend of raw honey and raw apple cider vinegar is known as an oxymel, and is a sweet, tart, and designed to support health. Our honey tonics are designed to take by the spoonful throughout the day, or as needed. They are also delicious added to warm water, tea, or sparkling water. Our convenient Herbal Honey Sprays are designed to use on-the-go.

Made in United States of America